3D panels in interior decoration

3D-panels in interior decoration

Surface selection and preparation

When choosing 3D panels, it is important to consider the style of your interior and choose panels that complement the overall design. Surface preparation before installation is key. Ensure that the surface is completely level to avoid uneven installation. If you’re working with drywall, consider installing metal framing for added strength. Remember that proper preparation will increase the effectiveness and longevity of your 3D panels.

Installation of 3D panels

Let the installation process be systematic and detailed. Start by installing corner pieces to accurately position the panels. Before installing the panels, check them for evenness and further level them if necessary. Pay attention to the choice of adhesive or fastenings – they must correspond to the wall material and the panel manufacturer’s recommendations. Maintain the same angle and spacing between panels to achieve a clean look.

Shape and size of 3D panels

Experiment with a variety of shapes and sizes to achieve the desired effect. Large geometric panels can make a room look more spacious and modern. Smaller panels can be added later for a more detailed design.

Consider combining different shapes and sizes to create a dynamic effect. The rhythmic arrangement of panels can emphasize the features of the interior and make it more expressive.

Color, texture and application of 3D panels

Choose colors that are in harmony with the overall palette of the room. If you choose painted panels, you should consider repainting them in the future to change the style. The texture of the panels can effectively imitate natural materials. Choose a texture that adds texture to the interior and makes it more interesting. Consider the functionality of each room when choosing 3D panels. For example, for a bright room, pastel or bright colors are often chosen to maintain a positive mood. A bathroom can look impressive with waterproof 3D panels. Consider using panels in the shower area as an accent piece.

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Combination with other materials

Integrate 3D panels with other machined materials to create a congruent design. Wood elements, metal details or glass accents can complement the panels and add extra sophistication. Don’t be afraid to combine styles and textures. Balance 3D panels as a key element along with other materials to create a harmonious and impressive interior.

3D panels for interior decoration are a good way to add style and originality to a room. With the right techniques and careful choices, you can create a space that will amaze with its beauty and originality.