5 American billionaires with the most houses

5 American billionaires with the most houses

In the world of big money, there are many ways to manifest your wealth – and investing in real estate has become one of the most popular. The desire to buy new apartments and houses can be easily explained: everyone disposes of finances within the framework of income. And someone buys a new pair of shoes, others update their car fleet, and billionaires prefer to invest in real estate. And there are a number of reasons for this.

Why is real estate an excellent indicator of status?

His assets speak eloquently about a person’s real financial situation. Experts strongly recommend always having reserves in an accessible form – this will allow them to be easily used in case of need. And the main ownership of elite real estate becomes an important indicator of a person’s real status, because it is a confirmation:

  • financial success;
  • high level and quality of life;
  • belonging to a special environment.

The characteristics of the real estate, its area, location and other parameters demonstrate the social rating of the owner. And in certain circles, investing in the purchase of houses and apartments in prestigious locations is one of the most common ways to emphasize your financial well-being.

Ability to buy and sell real estate on time

Serious financial decisions must be made taking into account a comprehensive analysis. And the main thing is to “catch the moment”:

  • buy at the lowest price;
  • sell at the maximum.

Even in the period of relative stability of the market, you can find profitable offers. But for this, constant monitoring of prices, mortgage rates and market trends is necessary, which will allow a real assessment of the advantages of a particular object.

Real estate: is it a profitable investment in current realities?

Apartments, houses and plots of land are always a rational purchase. And even today, despite the risk of losing property as a result of rocket fire, investments in real estate have not lost their relevance. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The lowest mortgage interest rates. Ukrainian banks offer borrowers special conditions for buying housing in new buildings.
  • A competent investment. Investing money in opening or developing a business may not be justified today, and in order not to lose savings due to rising inflation, it is better to invest them in real estate. This will allow you to get additional income from the rental, and in the future to sell the object with a good profit – with a high probability that prices will continue to rise.
  • Buy with a good discount. In connection with the active migration of the population both within the country and abroad, objects whose value is reduced due to urgent sale periodically appear on the market. And if the buyer is ready to quickly conclude a deal and make a payment, the seller is ready to make serious concessions.
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All conditions have been created for the purchase of real estate in current realities. And in the presence of starting capital, which is at least 30% of the total amount, you can become a happy owner of a house or apartment.

5 American billionaires with the most houses

Wealthy people actively invest in real estate, but among them there are undisputed leaders – the owners of the maximum number of elite objects located around the world.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, co-founder and executive chairman of Oracle Corporation, is one of the richest people in the world. He is known for his preferences for good real estate: according to approximate calculations, the list of his possessions is about 24 objects.

Ellison generously paid $173 million for a house in Florida, which was truly a record deal: the object was sold at the maximum price. The billionaire also took care of owning his own island of Lanai: he owns 98% of the territory, which allowed him to enter the list of the richest people in Hawaii.

Kenneth Griffin

The founder of Citadel, a financial company specializing in hedge funds, is also known for his impressive holdings. But the sphere of his interests is aimed at the USA and Great Britain. In Florida alone, he has 7 buildings and even his own residence, which was formed on the combined territory that was previously occupied by several buildings.

Griffin also took care of the purchase of a prestigious property: a penthouse on the 66th floor within walking distance of New York’s Central Park. And in London – next to Buckingham Palace.

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Eric Schmidt

The former CEO of Google and one of the key figures in the global technology industry, has various properties around the world. His holdings include luxury residences in the US and other countries.

The billionaire approaches the issue of investments competently, and he bought a plot in Beverly Hills for a third of the real value. The owner never started construction, but there is no need for this – he owns 13 properties: from penthouses to houses.

Ronald Burkle

The famous investor and businessman shows a special love for real estate with a “Hollywood” history. Burkle acquired objects belonging to Harold Lloyd, who became famous in silent films, as well as Bob Home – an American actor of humorous films. And in the series “Sex and the City” you can even see one of Berkeley’s properties – it was in it that Mr. Big lived.

Oprah Winfrey

The TV presenter, actress and media mogul is not stingy about expanding the list of her possessions. Her most luxurious purchase was a house in California, which was named “Promised Land”. The estate has everything you need for a comfortable life, including a swimming pool and a tennis court.

In the area that Meghan Markle and her husband fell in love with, she bought 4 houses at once. Oprah did not miss Hawaii either: she owns 2,000 acres of land on the islands.

Investing in real estate is a competent investment of funds, which confirms the experience of rich people. The main thing is to find a “clean” and problem-free object with a good price – and you can confidently draw up a purchase and sale agreement. And over the years, its value will not only not fall, but will also increase – and in the future you can make good money from it.