Bikrost – modern roofing material

Bikrost - modern roofing material

Carrying out high-quality repairs will require certain capital investments. A serious approach to the materials that will be used during the work is also required. If you want to use cheaper building materials in order to reduce costs, there is a high probability of a decrease in the quality of repairs. But there are also materials on the modern market that can be called optimal in terms of cost-quality ratio. One of these is called Bikrost roofing material.

Bikrost is a roofing material that is created on a roofing base. It has high quality at an affordable price. In fact, the material bikrost tkp is a universal material. It is used to create waterproofing on roofs with a slight level of slope. In addition, when organizing waterproofing of foundations, the material can also be called an effective solution.

If Bikrost is used to repair an old waterproofing layer, it needs to be fused in only one layer. The material meets all the requirements of modern construction and therefore can be successfully used even on open areas of the roof.

The range of areas of use of the material is large. It has proven itself to be excellent in waterproofing roofs of buildings, various types of structures, walls and foundations.

On the modern market you can now find two brands of Bikrost material. This is a K-roll roofing insulation sheet that has a polymer film coating on the bottom side and a coarse abrasive coating on the outside. There is also a U-roll web covered with fine-grained or polymer film on the outer side and with a polymer film on the bottom side.

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