Block-modular construction

The construction of suburban residential buildings is becoming more and more popular in our country: nature, own farming, distance from the bustle of the city. And with the introduction of an amendment to the registration law, the popularity of houses for permanent residence on garden plots has increased. So what opportunities are offered today to create your own home?



A new direction has become construction using block-modular structures, which includes the possibility of erecting buildings from block modules or from metal structures.

The most important thing to consider when building a house is the climate. For Russia, this means thick walls and a deep foundation, which is the key to thermal comfort and the absence of drafts. However, thick walls “eat up” a significant part of the internal space and the room becomes cramped. Modern construction technologies make it possible to abandon the use of wood and brick in favor of block-modular structures.

Buildings for various purposes are assembled from block modules: from office and industrial buildings to residential buildings. They are most widely used in the regions of the Far North, where climatic conditions make capital construction difficult.

One option for connecting modules is to install them with their front and end sides facing each other, or to install them on top of each other.

Metal structures of the frame, walls, and roof are manufactured at the factory and delivered to the construction site. Since all structures are ready for installation, assembling them into a finished building takes a short amount of time.

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