Casa Batlló in Barcelona - history of construction

Casa Batlló in Barcelona: history of construction

The beginning of history: 1904

In 1904, the history of the construction of Casa Batlló began , when Antonio Gaudi received the task from Joseph Batlló to reconstruct the old house. The building’s condition at that time was outdated, but Gaudí saw in it the potential for creating new, modern housing.

Gaudi decided not only to update the building, but also to introduce unique elements of his style. This was the first step towards the creation of one of the most significant buildings in the history of architecture.

Technical innovation and design

While working on the project, Gaudí used his favorite architectural elements , such as curved lines and non-standard shapes. The introduction of innovative technical solutions made it possible to create a building characterized by light, space and comfort.

Gaudi came up with not only aesthetically attractive elements, but also a number of technical solutions that improved the functionality of the building. His inventions were an important step in the development of architectural technology.


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Art Nouveau facade

The facade of the house is made in Art Nouveau style, characterized by the use of various materials such as stone, mosaic, ceramics and glass. The curved lines of the facade create the impression of movement and give the building a dynamic appearance.

Gaudi not only chose aesthetically pleasing materials, but also took into account their functionality. The facade not only decorates the building, but is also part of the structure, ensuring strength and stability.

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Uniqueness of the interior space

Inside the house, Gaudi introduced many interesting details. The light well allows light into the building, creating a unique atmosphere. The use of irregular shapes and curved lines gives the building a lot of space. Also, Gaudi had his own special technique – the use of many details in the shape of a triangle in his project

Gaudi sought to create not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable space for the residents of the house. Each element of interior decor has its own function, helping to make life in the home pleasant and functional.

Colorful roof and its features

The facade is decorated with multi-colored ceramic mosaics, which makes the roof even more vibrant and unrivaled. Each element on the roof has its own place and purpose, creating an impressive architectural ensemble.

Gaudí put extraordinary talent into the design of the roof. He took into account not only the aesthetic aspect, but also the technical characteristics, ensuring reliable protection of the building from atmospheric influences.

Casa Batllo has become a true architectural masterpiece thanks to its unique history, technical innovations, creative design and functionality. This building inspires and leaves an immortal mark on the history of architecture.