Country house. Economy option.

Country house. Economy option

The moment has come when you wanted to get out of the noisy, hectic city with hot asphalt and exhaust gases. A quiet, cozy area covered with greenery and flowers, fresh air – what could be better?

The choice of plot is one of the important moments, which must be approached with all seriousness. It is preferable not far from the city, with good transport connections, infrastructure – forest, reservoirs, shops, electricity supply, etc. Prices for country plots have decreased significantly in recent years. It’s time to get a dacha! It is not easy to make a choice. And when, finally, the plot is chosen, it is necessary to decide – which summer house to choose.

People often face a problem – a country house is needed today, but there are not enough funds for capital construction, besides, such construction can drag on for years. The situation is familiar and absolutely hopeless. There is a way out! Our company offers inexpensive, quickly built country houses on wooden frames with insulation for any time of the year.

Taking into account the budget of our customers, such houses can be manufactured, both in the simplest version and in an improved one, by changing the parameters (insulation, decoration, roof, planning, etc.) 

Such country houses are installed on a columnar foundation, insulated with mineral wool, the exterior finish is made of tongue-and-groove processing board (false timber) or blockhouse. The roof is covered with corrugated board or metal tiles. You can familiarize yourself with all these materials on our website in the “Materials we use” section. Planning can be done, as in our proposal, or change it at your discretion. Inside the house, preparation for interior decoration is offered, which makes it possible to live in a country house, and postpone the decoration or do it in stages, without investing large sums at once. It is possible to install a country house with an interior finish of wooden clapboard, but this will increase its cost by about 25%.

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The house is manufactured at our production base, and assembled at the customer’s site in 1-2 days. The price speaks for itself. The advantage is also that such a house, in the event of subsequent construction of a permanent house, does not need to be demolished. It will successfully serve as a summer kitchen, a guest house, or can easily be converted into a sauna. Such country houses do not require special design documentation or a building permit , commissioning and registration with the BTI, which allows you to save time and money and save your nervous system.

Separately, it should be noted that we manufacture and install country houses at any time of the year and there is no need to wait for spring and summer – order from us right now!