Houses with a terrace on the second floor

Houses with a terrace on the second floor

Having become the owner of a private home, you want more additional space for relaxation. In this regard, the terrace on the second floor of a private house looks especially interesting , thanks to which you can sunbathe and hide from uninvited guests without using the stairs to the courtyard. Externally, such a terrace on the second floor of a house is very similar to a large balcony, but at the same time it has its own characteristics – both in construction and during the operational period. 

What is the terrace on the second floor

If you visually imagine what a terrace on the second floor is , then it looks like a veranda, a large area that is used as a relaxation area, dining room or even a summer living room. Here you can sunbathe, just enjoy nature and even hold parties if the space allows.

But you need to understand that the design of a house with a terrace on the second floor has a number of features that must be taken into account. And you will also have to take a lot of care for this part of the house – removing snow and leaves in the autumn-winter period, and in the summer you will have to constantly wash off dust and dirt if it is an open terrace on the second floor . And, before construction of the house begins , you need to decide whether such a part of the building is needed.

Design features of the terrace on the second floor

The construction of an open terrace on the second floor should include a slope designed for water drainage. Otherwise, moisture from rain and snow will penetrate the ceilings, destroying them from the inside. This slope should not be more than 2%. It is invisible visually, so it will not cause discomfort, and all the water will flow into the drain. If the property was purchased on the secondary market, then you can carry out such work yourself by making a regular concrete screed with a slight slope. 

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Another important point of the terrace on the second floor is floor insulation. Previously, this point was not taken into account, which could lead to disastrous consequences – mold on the corners, cracking of the floor. Now any house made of brick , aerated concrete or foam block that has a terrace must include polystyrene foam in the thickness of the floor in its design in order to reduce heat loss, as well as reduce the impact of temperature changes. 

Don’t forget about waterproofing. Dampness, wet walls, mold and mildew are regular phenomena in those houses where the floor on the second floor terrace is not equipped with waterproofing materials. In this case, waterproofing is used not only on floors, but also on ceilings, especially on the outside. 

Don’t forget about safety, because houses with a terrace on the second floor are potential sources of danger. Therefore, you need to take care of creating a reliable balcony railing and a floor covering that will not slip. 

How to protect a terrace on the second floor from precipitation?

If this is a covered terrace on the second floor , then there will be no problems here. It will be necessary to provide sliding shutters against rain and snow. But if this is a house with an open-type terrace on the second floor , then, as mentioned above, it is impossible to do without protection from moisture. You need to adhere to several rules:

  • installation along the slope of the floor;
  • overlapping walls and cladding by 15-20 cm, and treating seams with silicone to prevent moisture penetration;
  • The material should only be laid according to the instructions.

The second important point is the elimination of temperature changes on the floor covering. This is done using expansion joints, which are made along the perimeter along each wall. For this purpose, elastic seals or compensation profiles are used, which are laid at the stage of floor screed. 

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You also need to know how to make a terrace on the second floor so that it does not leak – install a strong and durable covering. After all, not only precipitation will affect the surface – people will walk on the floor, rearrange furniture, but at the same time it should not lose its appearance. Floor finishing is often made from the most durable materials.

To glue them, you will need frost-resistant elastic glue. The type of coating also depends on the design of the terrace on the second floor .

Terrace on the second floor

If standard designs of two-story houses with a terrace on the second floor do not inspire admiration and are too simple for your home, then it is better to use original solutions with the individual development of such an additional element. One of the most interesting of them is the terrace not on the usual second floor, but in the attic. 

Open terrace on the second floor 

  • Allows you to effectively use the attic space, and even with a minimal budget makes it possible to get a comfortable place.
  • The facade of the house will receive an interesting and unusual look, while the space can be used for various functional areas.
  • An extension can be made not only during the construction process, but also during operation – changing the attic is much easier than installing floors between floors.

If this is a house project with a flat roof , then installing a terrace in the attic will not work – this option is more suitable for buildings with sloping roofs of any kind.  

The design of the terrace on the second floor must be chosen by the owner of the house. It all depends not only on the architecture of the house, but also on the landscape and personal preferences. It is better if these are environmentally safe materials – wood, brick or natural stone. As for the style of execution, the most popular today are loft, modern and eco-design.