How to build an inexpensive cottage house

How to build an inexpensive cottage house

The rising cost of housing in the city and the development of new technologies have made the service of building inexpensive houses relevant. It was new technologies that made it possible to build country cottages quickly and cheaply. Therefore, if you are interested in the question of how to build an inexpensive country house, start by choosing a construction technology and you will see that professionally building cheap turnkey houses is a real task.

Frame construction technology, which is used for the construction of inexpensive frame low-rise buildings, has become a popular market trend. It is very developed abroad, and today it is capturing a certain amount of the market in our country. These houses differ as: frame, frame-panel, frame-prefabricated, frame-panel.

Types of country cottages

In order to correctly navigate your desires, you need to study the question of what types of country cottages there are. The following options can be distinguished:

  • Freestanding. You can walk around such houses without violating the boundaries of the site.
  • Twin. These are two houses with a common wall or one house for two owners.

There are other options: duplexes, triplexes, etc. As a rule, these are small two-, three- and four-unit houses. There may be hotels, tourist centers.

How to save on building a cottage

The main stages associated with saving time and money can begin at the project stage, which must be selected according to the most modern requirements. For any specific structure, a building material is selected that is able to take into account the main functions performed by this structure and at the same time would be economical in terms of overall costs.

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Frame construction technology is one of the options and answers on how to save on building a cottage. Frame cottages are characterized by a low cost compared to brick buildings or log houses, while they are not inferior in characteristics and quality to brick houses.

The Artmetal Ukraine company offers the construction of prefabricated country houses , focusing on clients with an average level of income. The positive component is the price, it corresponds to the materials and the actual work performed.

You have the opportunity to choose among the following technologies:

  • Monolithic frame house. The technology involves the creation of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame and floor slabs on a construction site using removable formwork.
  • Frame houses using Finnish technology. Its main idea is to create the most energy-intensive home inexpensively and quickly.
  • Scandinavian technology. It is most developed in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Houses made using this technology have proven themselves well during operation at low temperatures and variable air humidity.

Today, economic feasibility and environmental friendliness are in trend, so the construction of wooden frame houses is in demand, replacing concrete and brick.

Now the choice is yours.