How to choose a house

How to choose a house

We will tell you how to choose the right cottage , country house or apartment. When wondering what is better to buy an apartment or a house , most people choose the second option – the absence of neighbors behind the wall and the presence of their own plot of land attracts potential buyers much more. 

How to choose a good home for your family

It is important to know how to choose the right house to buy , and first of all this concerns the legality of construction on a specific plot of land. It happens that the building was erected as a summer house, so it is not possible to register it as a residential building and register there. There can also be many problems with title documents, so it is better to check the real estate in the Unified Register of Property Rights.

What else you need to decide:

Budget. All advice when buying a house will be meaningless if there is not enough money to purchase the property you like. And it’s not just the cost of the building, but the need for ongoing expenses:

  • replacement of communications;
  • carrying out earthworks;
  • purchase and installation of new furniture, household appliances;
  • construction of a garage and outbuildings on the territory.

Purpose of purchase. Another rule for choosing a good home is to determine the purpose of purchasing real estate. If this is housing for permanent residence, then it is better to choose a cottage or a solid one-story house in the nearest suburb. You can also consider options within the city to get to work faster and spend less time and money on travel. Changing a house to an apartment as a summer vacation is another time when it is better to purchase real estate away from the bustle of the city.

How to choose a house when buying – we take into account all the nuances

If real estate is chosen as the main residence, then all details, even the most insignificant ones, are taken into account. The following are a few points that can help you understand how to choose a home for permanent residence :

  1. Foundation. How to buy a good house if you don’t initially know what condition its foundation is in? It is quite difficult to independently assess its strength and reliability, but you can request design and construction documentation to check the foundation’s compliance with the design and building codes. You can also call specialists who will carry out on-site analysis using professional equipment. Choosing a country house with the right foundation will allow the building to survive for many decades. If mistakes were made when laying the foundation, then over time the foundation will begin to crack, groundwater will flood the basement, and dampness and mold will appear in the building itself. 
  2. Analysis of engineering systems. Before choosing a house to buy , you need to make sure that all the design documentation for utilities is available. Such communications include:
  • wiring;
  • plumbing;
  • sewer system;
  • ventilation;
  • air conditioning system.
  1. There must also be proper heating distribution in a private house , ensuring an optimal indoor microclimate all year round. The need for design documentation lies in the fact that with the help of diagrams you can see exactly where the wiring runs or pipes are laid in order to eliminate any breakdown quickly and with minimal damage to walls, floors and other surfaces in the future.
  2. Construction Materials. In the question of how to choose the right private house , an important nuance is the materials used in construction. They must be environmentally friendly, high quality and durable. This applies to materials for interior decoration and those used for cladding facades, laying foundations and installing roofs. If among the building materials there is wood, natural stone, brick, marble, then you no longer need to wonder which house to choose – this will be it. 
  3. Basement and garage. How to buy a private house correctly if all the documents are in order, communications and materials are more than satisfactory? It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a basement and a garage. Even if you don’t have a car, but plan to buy one in the foreseeable future, then having a garage next to your house is a must. If there is a basement or cellar on the property, then you need to check to see if there is mold and mildew on the walls and ceiling. It’s unlikely that anyone needs such “neighbors,” and getting rid of them won’t be so easy. 
  4. Staircase and balcony. Before choosing a house to buy , you need to make sure the strength of the stairs and balcony railings. Even if at first glance all structures seem reliable, they may not be safe. Especially if children will live in the house. 
  5. Location. This factor also plays a big role. How to choose the right cottage if the layout of the cottage community does not imply the installation of large fences and fences, and the family has small children who can run away into the forest or onto the road. In such situations, it is better to choose housing located in the central part of the village, but with an internal closed courtyard.
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These are the main points you need to know before choosing a private house . There are many more important nuances and factors, taking into account which you can purchase luxury real estate at an affordable price.

What is better – a private house or an apartment?

If you still have doubts about whether it is better to buy an apartment or build a house , then you can conduct a small comparative analysis of the main points. He will help you figure out what is better – a private house or an apartment .

  • Price. So, what is cheaper – a house or an apartment ? An apartment in a new building and a new house have almost the same cost. Of course, you can purchase it on the secondary market, but then you will have to invest a lot of money on cosmetic or major repairs. It should be taken into account that private houses are much larger in area. Therefore, it is up to the buyer to decide what is cheaper – an apartment or a house , because the main question is what condition the property will be in. 
  • Layout. How to choose a new house or apartment if the price is the same? Here the layout of the premises can tip the scales. Usually, both in an apartment building and in a cottage, redevelopment can be done without problems. But in your own home there is much more internal space, and if necessary, you can make an extension, the cost of which can be calculated if you use a construction calculator .
  • Soundproofing. There is another option on how to choose the right house or apartment – sound insulation. Usually in modern new buildings the noise level is off the charts, although builders adhere to the necessary building codes. And, if the other parameters no longer raise questions, a house or an apartment – which is cheaper , then the cost of housing in the city should include a clause on sound insulation. Again, these are additional costs. 
  • Engineering Communication. How to choose a ready-made house or apartment and not make a mistake by paying huge bills for water, electricity and heating in the future? And also, carrying out wiring repairs, buying a new water heating tank, etc. In an apartment, everything usually depends on what services the housing office provides, who services it, what utilities were provided for by the project. How to choose a country house based on these parameters? It’s very easy – just choose a home with a heating system you like, with the ability to supply water from your own well, and connect electricity from a solar system.
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How to choose a house in the village – there are some nuances

In principle, it is now clear how to buy a private house , which is located near the city and will serve as a place for permanent residence. But if you want to buy a home somewhere on the banks of a picturesque pond or river, far from civilization. In this case, you need to find out how to choose a house in the village . Firstly, housing there is much cheaper, and secondly, you can choose a really good option.

A few points on how to choose a house in the village

  1. You need to choose a plot that is not too small, but not more than 50 acres, since it will be difficult to care for such an area.
  2. It is better if the site is at a height – building a house on a slope or on a hill. During floods, when the groundwater level rises, a house located on a plain can be flooded.
  3. It is necessary to inspect the house to make sure there are no cracks on the walls, leaking areas on the roof, and the integrity of the electrical wiring. 
  4. It is necessary to review all water sources on the site. This could be a well, borehole or centralized water supply.
  5. Inspection of the basement and cellar is also required. There may be traces of mold and rot from flooding inside. Also, in old buildings there may be cracks in the foundation. It is better not to buy such buildings.