How to plan the perfect country house?

How to plan the perfect country house?

As soon as it gets closer to summer, everyone who lives among the bustle of the city wants to escape to some quiet place with fresh air. That’s when the idea of ​​building your own dacha comes, where you can relax your body and soul. However, in order to build a good country house , you need to know these basic rules.


First of all, you will need to select a site. It is important to take into account all the factors that are critical for you: is the road close, is there a forest or pond nearby, how close are the shops. Perhaps you need some secluded place, somewhere deep in the forest, near a river. Or is it still preferable to have a dacha in a cottage town, where all the benefits of civilization are also present in the lap of nature.


It is important to know the characteristics of the soil not only for construction, but also if you plan to organize a vegetable garden or garden on the site. “What should a land plot be like: the nuances of choosing a territory for development” is our article, which will be useful at the stage of choosing a land plot.

Number of floors

A dacha is, first of all, a good place for spending time, and not for daily living, so you should not build a large house. There is a kitchen, a relaxation room and even a steam room! It is not for nothing that this project is one of the most beloved among our customers, because for an affordable price it allows you to get two houses in one – a bathhouse plus a dacha. If you want to have two bedrooms in your country house, you can pay attention to the Soul project . There is an entrance hall, two bedrooms, a kitchen, two utility rooms and a summer terrace.

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Functional zoning

In order for a large family to be accommodated at the dacha, it is worth arranging a sleeping area under the roof. This way you can save money, but at the same time provide housing with all the necessary rooms.

Despite its compact dimensions of 45.4 m2 there is enough space for adults and children. The attic floor is best used as a children’s room.

Permanent residence

If you will spend a lot of time at your dacha, at least several months a year, and plan to invite guests there, then it makes sense to organize a large living space. The house should have several bedrooms and possibly bathrooms. The ideal size ratio is presented in the Maltins project.

Each room of the house is at least 14 m2 , and the bathrooms are 5.8 m2 each , which will allow you to place a shower and a bath there. The kitchen-living room with panoramic windows has two large areas: for cooking and relaxing.

Arrangement of all the most important premises

If the dacha is far away or you will simply get there by car, you will need a garage. Is it possible to fit it within a compact country house? It’s definitely possible. Pay attention to the small summer house in the high-tech style – “Jazz” . Despite the fact that the building has only 45 m2 , it has all the necessary functional rooms and a carport. The covered shed not only solved the garage issue, but also provided a protected area for outdoor recreation. The house has an unusual interior and exterior, it will immediately attract your attention.

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Many people use their summer cottages exclusively for planting vegetable gardens and gardens. If you don’t plan to live there for a long time, but you need a place to stay overnight and utility room, pay attention to the Malur project. The building with an area of ​​14 m2 has only one room and will fit on any plot. You can take care of the interior arrangement yourself. It’s up to you to decide what to equip here: a kitchen, a warehouse, a barn, a guest house or something else.

The Dominant company website presents a wide range of country houses for every taste and color. Large, small, budget or luxurious, classic or with a non-standard shape – here everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the building, but they will definitely pleasantly surprise you, since they are formed without intermediaries. By the way, our company has many more advantages that will answer the main question of every customer – If desired, any of our projects can be supplemented according to your wishes, and then you will get a great place to relax!