Main types of kitchen layout

To achieve an ergonomic, functional and comfortable kitchen space, you need to choose the right furniture arrangement. There are several standard layouts, each of which is designed for a room with a specific area, geometry and characteristics. Of course, the optimal solution would be a custom-made kitchen , but to choose it you need to decide on a design project in advance.

What location options are there?

In two parallel lines

The arrangement of two lines parallel to each other is suitable for elongated rooms, but with an area of ​​12 square meters or more. It is important that there is space between them for work and a convenient passage. All modules must retain their functionality and be easy to open.

In one line

The sink is located in the center, at the other end of the kitchen there is a refrigerator, between them, at a distance of at least one module on each side, a hob is mounted or other heating equipment is placed. Suitable for elongated, walk-through spaces.

With functional island module

The island can be used to locate a sink or hob, to zone a space, and as a dining area. Used for a kitchen studio or spacious rooms. The island is also equipped with various modules and communications.


Optimal layout for the implementation of the optimal “working triangle”. The refrigerator, sink and hob are located next to each other, separated from the passage area. With a room area of ​​14 square meters and above, the location of key elements is preserved, and the free space is filled with household appliances and modules.

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The furniture set and appliances are located along three walls, often including a window opening. Used for deep kitchens, where you can separate the work area from the dining or walk-through area. There should be a space of at least 1.2 m between rows.

What to look for when choosing?

  • Location of doors, windows, passages. The door should open freely, as should the window. Developing a project will help you decide how best to place the furniture so as not to block the passages.
  • Ergonomics. All modules should be easy to open and close and fulfill their main purpose, just like equipment. If something gets in the way, you should choose a different layout option.
  • Square. You should not implement original projects with an island if there is absolutely no space in the room. The optimal ratio of occupied and free space creates a comfortable interior. The number and sizes of modules are also selected individually.
  • Kitchen shape. Often the layout is selected based on this parameter. For example, in a square room an L-layout is clearly appropriate, in a rectangular room with a normal width – a U-shaped layout, and in a narrow and long one – only a linear one.

If you take into account all the selection criteria, you can create the kitchen of your dreams in any room, correctly emphasizing its advantages and hiding all the shortcomings. Of course, color, materials and design are also important, but the location of furniture and areas is chosen first.