Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Peach Fuzz in Home Interiors

Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Peach Fuzz in Home Interiors

On the eve of each new year, the Pantone Color Institute always presents to the public a new shade that reflects the general mood of society and global cultural trends. Design trends always revolve around colors, so it’s interesting to see how Pantone’s top color of 2024, Peach Fuzz, can be used in home interiors . This warm, peach color is very suitable for the natural shade of pine wood from which we build cottages. We invite you to consider new interior ideas and dare to update your own space in the new year!

The most successful color combinations with the shade Peach Fuzz from Pantone

Experts explain their choice of the color of 2024 by the fact that our turbulent and destructive world is in dire need of mercy, warmth, compassion and intimacy. Incredibly touching and sensual shade Peach Fuzz (peach fuzz) is best able to convey the warmest emotions.

According to Pantone, this soft, fluffy color expresses caring, compassion, intimacy and understanding, it awakens the soul, body and heart. The Color of the Year is PANTONE code 13-1023 Peach Fuzz and symbolizes the idea of ​​community, caring for yourself and others. In our society, unfortunately, productivity and achievement are greatly overestimated, and therefore it is important to switch to internal development and make time for relaxation, creativity and human communication. Thus, the color 2024 expresses our natural desire for support, closeness and hugs from those we love. Peach Fuzz is associated with the energy of sensitivity and compassion. In addition to the fact that this color is very beautiful, it also has a healing effect on the human psyche. The interior of the walls in gentle, peach colors calms, gives a feeling of reliability, security and improves mood.

The peach shade goes well with any other color. Peach Fuzz goes with brighter colors and will also look good in monochrome.

You can combine delicate peach with black, white, blue, green, gray and other shades. Here are some ideas and examples of creating the most stylish and interesting interior with a peach accent:

Peach and white. It is the best solution for a bedroom or living room. This color mix especially works well when combining peach walls with white furniture and textiles. Wooden elements are best suited to the white-peach combination, because they refresh the interior and give it a natural look. This color combination is most often used by designers in shabby chic or classic interiors.

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Peach and blue. A combination that evokes peace and refreshes any room. Blue accents (pillows, rugs) on a peach background create a very interesting accent in the interior. A proven way to combine colors in design is a special Itten circle, in which 12 colors are arranged in order of shades of the natural spectrum. The shades that are opposite to peach in the Itten circle are blue. This combination of colors creates contrast and harmony at the same time, since these colors complement each other. The combination of warm peach color with cool blue or light blue always looks impressive. For example, peach walls or decorative panels combined with furniture in blue-green shades can create an elegant interior with sophisticated contrast.

Peach and coral. These shades are located next to each other on the classic Itten color selection wheel. The peach color, enhanced by the brightness of the coral shade, creates a warm and energetic interior. Against the backdrop of soft peach walls, furniture or decor in coral color brings liveliness to the space. This color mix can most often be seen in ethnic or boho interior styles. Very often, the colors of peach and coral are found on curtains or curtains in the form of a combination of ornaments or patterns.

Peach and chocolate amber. This combination creates a luxurious, rich interior and is most suitable for the classic style. Furniture in dark brown or chocolate color looks elegant against a peach background.

Peach and mint. Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. Peach and mint colors add freshness and lightness to the room. This combination of shades can often be seen in Provence or country interior styles.

Peach and gold. Create a rich interior by pairing peach walls with gold accents. Gold frames, lamps or decor will add sophistication to the room. Rose gold elements will look especially luxurious against the background of peach delicacy. This sophisticated combination is most suitable for achieving a classic interior style.

In general, when choosing color combinations with peach undertones, it is important to maintain balance and harmony. Use different textures, materials and decor to create a unique interior that you feel like your own. It is these individual details that we will now pay more attention to.

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What are the best Peach Fuzz furnishings to buy to update your home?

If there are light peach walls in the room, a person is literally enveloped in some kind of tenderness and affection. The same effect is felt inside a wooden house with walls of a warm wood tone. That is why peach or orange tones are often used to decorate children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms in a wooden house. For example, you can maintain the enveloping tenderness of the interior in the pine walls of the house by hanging curtains with a Peach Fuzz shade on the windows and placing a bright coral-colored chair in the living room. Upholstered furniture can also be selected in Peach Fuzz shade, and cabinet furniture in white. Thanks to such a harmonious ensemble, you will get a soft and pleasant interior that will truly heal you with special comfort at the end of a busy day.

The easiest and fastest way to update your interior is to add textiles with a hint of Peach Fuzz to the interior of your home – this could be a blanket, pillows, curtains or drapes, a peach, fluffy rug. All these things will soften the atmosphere and make the room more comfortable.

Another way to add Peach Fuzz to your space is with candle holders and candles in this subtle shade. Make candle arrangements on your coffee table, shelf or windowsill and enjoy the fluffy lights and warm atmosphere.

A very original solution would be to purchase some designer items in a fashionable color for 2024. It could be an openwork metal candlestick, an exquisite banquette or a peach chest of drawers, which will become a real highlight of the interior.

The color of surrounding things has a significant impact on your state of mind, appetite, mood and performance. You can create a calm, homely environment with your own hands, skillfully using the properties of color “therapy” in your living space, thereby attracting the necessary changes in life. And we continue to share with you the most current and interesting trends in the design of wooden houses in Dominant-Wood publications!