Small bathroom design

With the right layout and attention to detail, even a small bathroom can be stylish, functional and easy to use. You need to think about not only the size of the plumbing and its location, but also the cosmetic renovation of the children’s room and the organization of storage space, the type and palette of finishes, and the general concept.



Ideas for decorating a small bathroom

  • Storage systems will help you maintain order. In stores you can always find corner cabinets or narrow vertical shelves that are installed in places where nothing else will fit.
  • Simplicity is the best solution. Renovating bathrooms in a minimalist style allows you to find a place for each thing, while leaving lightness and free space. This also applies to finishing – no voluminous prints or all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Only light colors should prevail. Dark touches can be used for accents or small details, but it is better to do without them. Light surfaces visually increase the space.
  • You can install a cabinet under the sink. It will mask communications and can be used to store household chemicals.
  • A mirror with hidden shelves will simplify storage. You can put toothbrushes and pastes, razors, creams, medicines, etc. in it. It will also complement the interior of a small bathroom. If that doesn’t work, you can place the sink bowl on the countertop to create a useful space.
  • When choosing tiles, it is better to pay attention to medium-sized modules. Mosaic can be used for a shower stall, but nothing more. Too shallow cladding will create an uncomfortable space.
  • The heated towel rail should be placed on a wall that cannot be used for other purposes.
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Separately, it is worth mentioning the presence of a bathtub. A shower stall is much more practical and will save 30% of space in the room. It looks modern, is compact and performs all the necessary functions. Therefore, it is worth considering whether a bathroom is needed at all.



Selection of appliances and plumbing

In addition to the bathroom question, doubts also arise about the toilet and sink. If the room is very small, you can purchase a non-standard solution – the sink will be located directly in the toilet cistern. Compact corner models of washbasins are also available. As for the toilet, it is more profitable to install an installation that does not take up most of the floor in the room.

Equipment in the bathroom can include a boiler, washing machine and dryer. It is recommended to install the boiler in a corner above the toilet or above the bathtub (if there is one). A top-loading washing machine will solve your space problem. But it’s better to refuse drying – it will only take up a lot of space and the design of a small bathroom is as impractical as possible.