Stainless steel in interior design: advantages of choice

Stainless steel in interior design: advantages of choice

The current trend in modern design is the versatility of the materials used with high levels of resistance to external factors, aesthetics and durability. Universal materials are used to create unique designs for public and commercial spaces and residential properties.

Stainless steel in design

The undoubted leader among materials with characteristics that meet the requirements is stainless steel , a wide range of which is presented in the Armax catalog. Armax is a direct supplier of stainless steel products and valves from reliable manufacturers. This allows the company to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Stainless steel is used to decorate premises for various purposes and is widely used in landscape design. A variety of stainless steel rolled products in shape, purpose and other characteristics allows you to choose an option for implementing a project of any complexity.

Depending on the operating conditions, it is possible to use rolled metal from the following grades of stainless steel:

  • austenitic – combine mechanical strength with high anti-corrosion qualities;
  • ferritic – characterized by an affordable cost with high strength indicators;
  • martensitic – resistant to high temperatures and aggressive environments;
  • duplex – resistant to aggressive environments and corrosion.

Hexagons, sheets, squares, angles, pipes, and round rods (circles) are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is used to create unique interiors in modern and futuristic styles, including high-tech, loft, minimalism, etc.

The silver-gray color of stainless steel does not conflict with other shades, which makes stainless steel a universal material. Stainless steel products with a polished, matte, mirror surface are harmoniously combined with brickwork and wood, glass and rough textures, with bronzed and gilded elements, and plastic.

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Reasons to use stainless steel in design

The main reasons to use stainless steel in interior design and landscape design are the following:

  • durability of stainless steel, due to the composition of steels of various grades and manufacturing technology;
  • resistance to chemically active environments, moisture, temperature changes, abrasive effects, ultraviolet radiation, corrosion, etc.;
  • a variety of options for processing rolled metal (welding, grinding, bending, cutting);
  • resistance to chips and cracks;
  • the ability to maintain its original appearance throughout the entire period of operation;
  • low maintenance and easy to clean.

Rolled stainless steel is a reliable, stylish and extremely easy-to-maintain material. The undoubted advantage of the solution is environmental friendliness and safety for people.