The nobility of natural wood

During a major renovation of a room, the question always arises of choosing a professional flooring specialist.

Today, construction markets offer a huge variety of materials for finishing floors; natural parquet combines the nobility of wood, environmental friendliness, as well as the harmony of nature itself and its warmth.

When choosing parquet, you need to be careful about a material that is made from exotic tree species, because it is not clear what can happen to it in our climatic conditions. Although exotic tree species are truly distinguished by their originality. Therefore, for lovers of the exotic, we can recommend artistic flooring that will harmoniously combine various tree species.



For cold regions of our country with a harsh climate, oak plank parquet would be an excellent solution. This type of wood is easy to process, has a noble color and texture, and has unsurpassed hardness and strength.

Oak parquet always favorably emphasizes the good taste of its owner, giving solidity and grace to the room.

Before you start laying floors, you also need to purchase parquet glue and varnish, plywood and a sanding machine, or invite a professional who will help you quickly and efficiently lay any parquet.

Sometimes oak wood is processed by soaking in water or staining, this gives its color a purple hue, and beautiful oak rings are visible on the cut. When laying parquet, it is necessary to level the floor screed well.

Solid boards are much easier to install because they are larger in size compared to parquet. It is most resistant to environmental influences and its temperature. Laying solid boards is the easiest to work with, because they are sold ready-made and are sanded and varnished in advance.

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