Turnkey country house – buy or build?

Turnkey country house - buy or build

When planning to build your own turnkey country house, be sure that such a house will fully suit your tastes and requirements. By independently carrying out the entire construction process and control over it, it is possible to avoid a number of troubles. At first glance, purchasing ready-made country housing seems to be an even simpler option than construction.

Let’s figure out what’s better and cheaper: buy a ready-made turnkey country house or start construction? Let’s look carefully at both the positive and negative sides of each option.

Turnkey country house: construction or purchase?

Construction (turnkey country house) Purchase (turnkey country house)
Independent choice of area for development, exclusion of unpleasant neighbors. A lot of time and effort is spent on developing a project, choosing materials and a good contractor. By purchasing a turnkey country house, all the difficulties associated with its construction are eliminated. A turnkey country house that fully suits your request is not easy to select and find quickly.
The ability to independently develop a project and make adjustments to the house design based on your own wishes. It is not possible to carry out certain construction work independently, and there is the possibility of unscrupulous work by builders. The need for paperwork, which involves issuing a construction permit and other documents, is eliminated. When purchasing a ready-made turnkey country house, you cannot say with certainty that all norms and standards were observed during the construction of the house, and that the house was built from high-quality materials.
The opportunity to carry out some construction work on your own, saving your own money. You can immediately move into a turnkey country house without waiting for the completion of construction and finishing work. When purchasing a turnkey country house, you will overpay in any case.
When building a turnkey country house, financing can be provided in stages during the construction process. Possibility of getting unpleasant neighbors.
A turnkey country house built entirely according to your requirements and tastes will not require subsequent alterations or repairs in the near future.
Possibility to choose material for construction. A turnkey country house made of timber takes 2-6 months to build, and a stone house takes 1-2 years or more.
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Weighing all the pros and cons listed above, we can draw certain conclusions that it is better, of course, to build a turnkey country house if you want to benefit personally. And the transaction of buying a house will bring benefits primarily to realtors.

When further thinking about purchasing or building a house, it is worth considering a large number of different nuances. For example, when planning to build your own turnkey country house, you need to navigate the distribution of costs for its construction. As a rule, this happens as follows: foundation – 30% of the total cost, roof – 30%, frame – 30%, communications – 10%. Considering the advantages of building a wooden house, namely, its relatively light weight compared to similar buildings made of other materials, you can save up to 30% in total on the foundation. A wooden house will cost the customer much less. And if a purchase is made, the buyer will pay the realtor twice as much for a turnkey country house. It turns out that in financial terms, building a turnkey country house is 50% more profitable. 

A turnkey country house with an area of ​​150–200 m2 is the most profitable and popular among our customers, because huge mansions are much more troublesome to operate. Cleaning in such houses cannot be carried out without the help of household staff, and heating such houses is now too expensive. This can explain the fact that the larger the area, the cheaper the cost per square meter of the house.

When faced with a difficult choice: to buy or build a turnkey country house, be sure to listen to the following recommendations:

  • Before purchasing a house, ask yourself: why is it actually put up for sale? Are there any flaws in it? Take the time to research the house and its history with utmost care before purchasing if you want to live happily in it for many years without any problems. After all, if the seller “forgets” to notify you about the unpleasant moments associated with the house, then you will not be able to avoid such difficulties, which will subsequently require additional investments to eliminate them, as shown by many practical examples when buying a house.
  • When buying a plot of land for development, pay close attention to the soil on which you plan to build a turnkey country house, check the height of the groundwater flow so as not to make a mistake with the foundation.
  • When choosing the material from which you plan to build a turnkey country house, you need to know that houses made of wooden beams retain heat better than anyone else, they are warm in winter and fresh in summer. Thanks to the thermal conductivity properties of wood, you will save significantly on heating costs.
  • Pay attention to domestically produced building materials and tools, the prices of which are 20% lower than imported ones at a comparable level of quality. This is reasonable, because our producers do not have to pay customs duties. And labor and all production in general in Ukraine are much cheaper than abroad.
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We really hope that our article will be useful to you and will help you make an important choice – to buy or build a turnkey country house! This multifaceted question cannot be answered unambiguously. You can see for yourself how many factors influence the process of building or purchasing a house. Whichever option you choose, any of them still requires a significant investment of finances and effort, but the fundamental joy of having your own turnkey country house is worth all this effort.