What is better, a country house or an apartment?

What is better, a country house or an apartment?

This topic has been relevant for many years, at least the last 50 years. And every year new arguments for and against appear. When considering this issue, it is necessary to take into account all aspects of human life that could influence the final decision.

Many factors influence the choice of a place to live. These factors are not only of the material, but also of the spiritual world. It is for this reason that when assessing it is simply impossible to ignore the importance of the social and political components, along with the underlying economic one.

The most significant reasons are, of course, economic. But this is only at first glance. Over the past few years, living in a private house has become popular, but despite this trend, the number of adherents of the urban compact lifestyle significantly outweighs.

The erroneous assumption of many is the opinion that the main reason lies in the low cost of living in apartments, as well as the convenience of using the developed infrastructure. In fact, the reason lies in human social consciousness. Under the Soviet Union, the Communist Party developed the idea of public values, eradicating attachment to the accumulation and increase of private property, including residential property. But contrary to its own propaganda, the social programs of the Soviet government, instead of helping residents of villages and villages, make working conditions on the land completely uncompetitive in comparison with the level of earnings of city residents. As a result, people were forced to move entire families to the cities. Over time, they became unaccustomed to the rural lifestyle.

However, in recent years, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, economic growth began, citizens’ incomes increased, and the mentality of society began to change.

As a result, in our time, it has become fashionable to live in your own country house. This is facilitated by the opportunity to use modern building materials and apply the latest technologies, which speed up construction and also make it cheaper.

The price situation on the real estate market also has a favorable effect. After all, everyone knows that a country house can be bought cheaper or for the same price as apartments in the city. But at the same time, you will agree that it is more comfortable to live in a private house.

In addition, due to the deteriorating environmental situation in cities, many people prefer to live outside the city. In addition, our brain is so overloaded with information and all sorts of advertising stimuli that we can only fully relax outside the city, where the advertising industry has not yet taken root.

Modern man is tired of a monotonous life, he is attracted by the prospect of living in his own home, but all sorts of “buts” frighten him.

Firstly, maintaining a country house is more expensive than a city apartment. The paradox is that utilities are inexpensive, but the level of their provision is not very good. At the same time, the owner of his own home allocates large sums, but only because a similar service is of higher quality and provided individually.

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Now let’s look at all the pros and cons of living in an apartment, as well as in a house, using examples. Agree that it will cost less on gasoline, labor time and vehicle life to remove garbage from the territories of compactly located apartment buildings than from remote areas of country houses. As for the situation with heating, the apartment resident overpays for heat, which very often does not reach the apartment due to poorly insulated heating pipes or a faulty heating network, which means he is forced to adapt to the average temperature regime. While the owner of an individual household himself creates comfortable temperature conditions for him throughout the heating season, he also pays more, since he needs to independently provide the boiler with fuel, carry out its repairs and adjustments.

But on the other hand, thanks to modern technologies, the owner of his own home has the opportunity to significantly save on heating and hot water supply. An example would be a solar collector that is installed on the roof of a house. It will help to significantly reduce heat costs and within 2-3 years will recoup the cost of purchasing and installing a heating unit, which, by the way, residents of apartment buildings cannot afford.

Consider a vehicle problem. Every person will agree that it is best to keep a car in a personal garage, since in this case it is always at hand. But on the other hand, if you decide to move to a country house and you don’t have a car, then most likely you will need to buy one.

Also, the private sector requires additional costs in the form of: lawn mowers, chainsaws, pumps, sprayers, pruning shears, rakes and shovels. Moreover, the purchase and installation of a fence also falls on the owner of a private property. Of course, the apartment resident does not need all this.

Let’s pay attention to the security of apartments and private houses. Each person decides to independently protect his property or not. However, the cost of protection directly depends on the number of square meters of the object. As a rule, country houses occupy a larger area than apartments, and there are also more ways to enter them. And this is directly related to the privacy of a country house. While in densely populated houses, every neighbor is a hindrance for robbers, since they can unwittingly become a witness to a crime. So, while putting up with noisy and not always comfortable neighbors, the apartment owner suddenly receives additional free protection from them.

As for neighbors, apartment residents have priority. Why? Everything is very simple, the owner of the house has few neighbors, and if the relationship has not improved, then there will be no one to even ask for salt, while in an apartment building there are always enough candidates for friendly communication or for solving everyday problems.

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If you are dreaming of a country house, then you should get ready to roll up your sleeves, because there is always work here, at any time of the day or year. The house and surrounding area require constant care. Even if you take the advice of landscape designers and plant the entire area with lawn grass, you will still have to cut them. What can we say about the amount of work that a vegetable garden or garden requires. But besides all this, there is a house that needs to be cleaned regularly, and the area of this house is much larger than the apartment. And finally, you just have to maintain the life support of the house: minor and major repairs of the roof and facade, heating systems, water supply and sewerage, fences and paths, garbage removal. And all this falls on the shoulders of the owner of the house, who will need strength and good health.

If a person cannot boast of excellent health or enough free time, then it is more acceptable and comfortable for him to live in an apartment. In addition, urban people prefer to spend extra time on communication or hobbies, and extra money on travel. These people will easily give up the individual comfort and privacy of a country house in favor of the proximity of medical organizations, shops and entertainment venues, the comfort of city infrastructure, and, finally, people ready to help or provide the necessary service.

But for creative people who strive to realize themselves creatively, a private home will serve as an outlet. The small area of the apartment prevents them from creating grandiose creative projects. The house can be redesigned to suit your taste and needs, you can make an extension, you can endlessly experiment with the selection of flowers, vegetables and fruits, improve the landscape design on the site, have pets or even exotic animals. Owners of country houses gain freedom and independence, thanks to which they acquire harmony, peace, energy, strength and health. However, you cannot leave a private house unattended for a long time, as it needs to be constantly maintained. And hardly any owner would dare to leave animals unattended. This is why owners of their own homes very often become hostages of comfortable living in the house, while the long absence of the owners hardly noticeably affects the apartment.

But we did not answer the question: where is it better to live, in a private house or in an apartment? In fact, the question is very simple – where the soul is happier and calmer. After all, it is our mental comfort, regardless of the material costs invested in it, that is ultimately a measure of the quality of life.