What should a country house be like?

What should a country house be like?

The construction of turnkey country houses allows you to become the owner of a cozy and practical country house in one season, but what exactly does this mean? For each person, comfort and practicality are defined differently, although in some understanding of these concepts there are common features. A country house, as a rule, is built in the countryside for family time during the spring-summer season.

The most popular among summer residents in recent decades have been small houses made of timber with an attic. This option is attractive due to its low cost compared to other types of buildings, is highly environmentally friendly and can be quickly implemented: literally in a couple of weeks.

Characteristics of a country house made of timber

When mentioning wooden houses , as a rule, most people have an association with a log house. Few people know that the technology of constructing wooden houses has undergone significant changes over the past twenty years. And today, the previously popular log houses have given the leading position to reliable and warm houses made of timber. At the same time, the important advantages of a log house – the warmth of touch and the smell of wood – were not lost. Also, improvements in construction technology have made it possible to significantly simplify the process.

The construction of walls from standard profiled beams today is much simpler than traditional brickwork. It is worth noting that even the design of wooden buildings is faster and easier than the development of a brick building project.

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Advantages of a country house made of timber

The stages of construction of any building are determined at the renovation planning stage. To begin with, the owner of the land plot will need to decide what criteria the country house must meet . If it’s in the first place

  • Pre-fabricated;
  • Cheapness;
  • Beauty and attractiveness.

Preference should be given to a summer country house made of timber.

As a rule, delaying the construction of a house is not only unpleasant, but also unprofitable. The construction of a timber dacha is a matter of a couple of weeks for an experienced team of builders. Even with strict financial restrictions, without five minutes the owner of a country house has the opportunity to implement interesting architectural solutions on his country plot. This could be a cozy veranda, a spacious terrace, an autonomous gazebo adjacent to the house, or a spectacularly furnished attic. The owner of a land plot has the opportunity to express his imagination to the fullest, without serious losses for the family budget. With a minimum of costs for the construction of country houses, communication support for such buildings is currently available almost in full.

Types of material for building a country house

Timber is most often made from coniferous wood such as pine and spruce. On the domestic building materials market you can find timber made from larch, cedar and fir. However, the difference between certain types of materials is determined not only by the type of wood used. Today, there are four timber production technologies, each of which results in a special type of building material:

  • Solid timber;
  • Glued beam;
  • Solid profiled timber;
  • Glued laminated timber.
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Each of the above types of timber is suitable for a country house, but the cheapest option is timber made from solid wood. Construction of country houses from timber is possible according to a ready-made project, in which all the details are adjusted to each other. All that remains is to assemble the structure on the site.