Winter in a smart house

Winter in a smart house

At this time, warmth and coziness are especially strongly desired, and all the advantages of a smart house are especially keenly appreciated – housing, distinguished by comfort and a whole range of various possibilities.


Who has not faced the problem of insufficient heating in winter, when the temperature outside dropped sharply, and the power of the central heating batteries was clearly insufficient? Unfortunately, the problem is quite common, and everyone finds their own way to solve it. One of the most popular ways to increase the temperature inside the room is to use electric heaters. However, despite the presence of a sensor and a shutdown system, manufacturers do not recommend leaving the device unattended in the power grid. You have to be careful and turn off the heaters at night and when there is no one in the house. Naturally, after returning from work, from a walk or from the store, we are forced to spend some time in uncomfortable conditions, waiting for the air to warm up to the desired temperature. So, the solution with heaters is not very successful.

Now many warm floors are installed in houses or apartments. It is relevant in rooms where tiles are used as a floor covering, namely in the kitchen, in the corridors, in the bathrooms. Usually, such heating is controlled manually, with the help of separate regulators, but in intelligent buildings this task can be assigned to special control systems. The temperature inside the room will remain at the mark you set, regardless of the weather outside. And even if it is bitterly cold outside the window, strong wind, heavy snowfall, your home will always be warm and cozy. And unlike oil heaters, such heating is not only effective, but also absolutely safe.


Creating a comfortable climate is another important task successfully handled by the intelligent building system. For a person’s comfortable stay in the house, each room should have its own temperature regime: in the office or work room – 25°C, in the bedroom – no more than 18°C, and in the hallway 17°C is enough. Coordinated operation of air conditioners not only ensures optimal environmental conditions, but also helps save electricity.

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Ozonation and ionization systems are used to create a healthy microclimate – they allow you to enrich the air with oxygen, get rid of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and simply unpleasant smells.

The climate control of a smart house focuses on the given parameters. At the same time, the system itself chooses which devices to use to achieve the desired result.


Waking up in the morning can hardly be called fun, especially when it happens in winter. However, smart home systems can make it easier and more pleasant. For this, it is enough to turn on pleasant music or radio tuned to your favorite wave at the right time. To fix the effect, automation will smoothly open the curtains or blinds to let the morning light into the room. And if at the same time the smell of fresh coffee brewed in a coffee machine and the aroma of bread toasted in a toaster will waft from the kitchen, it can be considered a successful day.

In the evening, after a working day or on the weekend, when the weather is not conducive to walking, even in the car, a home cinema will help you spend time with benefit and pleasure. Of course, here, too, automatic control systems will help create comfort and coziness. You don’t have to get up from your chair to create artificial darkness in the room, lower the screen or turn on the projector. And if you get a call at this time, the cinema, reacting to the phone, will lower the sound volume or select the “pause” mode.

In a large house with many rooms, the problem of communication is particularly relevant. How to call the children playing in the room on the second floor to the table, if the kitchen is located on the first floor? An indispensable assistant will be a multiroom — a system for distributing audio and video signals. It will allow you to play your favorite music on the speakers, which you can listen to in all its rooms while moving around the house. In addition, multiroom provides easy access to folders with photos or videos: their contents can be viewed on a TV in any room connected to the system. And, of course, this is the ability to control the image that is transmitted from surveillance cameras installed both inside and outside the house.

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Residential infrastructure

Intelligent building automation is relevant for the management of equipment located not only inside the building, but also on the territory adjacent to it. In winter, the anti-icing system is included in the work, timely frees the roof, gutters and the area in front of the garage from snow and ice. Sensors and regulators of the intelligent building control the process, allowing to reduce the energy consumption of the system to a minimum.

The remote control of the gates will allow you to significantly save time when entering or leaving the garage: their electric drive will work from the signal of a special transponder key fob.

Smart home systems take care of the indoor pool. Depending on the set program, they will maintain the desired water temperature throughout the day or only at a certain time. You don’t have to worry about a comfortable microclimate in the conservatory either: compliance with the temperature and humidity regime and the choice of lighting intensity can be fully entrusted to automation.

Saving electricity in winter

In winter, electricity consumption increases several times compared to summer. At this time, the light day is shorter, so to create a comfortable atmosphere in the premises, it is necessary to turn on lamps, floor lamps, sconces early. Lighting control systems allow you to save a lot of energy by turning off the lights in rooms when they are unoccupied. Power supply management will provide control over various devices and equipment, leaving only the really necessary ones connected to the network.

In winter, we really miss the sun, greenery, and the opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible. But even at this time of year, life can always be comfortable and cozy, if there is a house where you want to return, where you like to spend time, because the automatic systems of the intelligent building took care of it.