Wooden stairs are back in fashion

Wooden stairs are back in fashion

The interior style of the room and the impeccable taste of its owner will be emphasized by such an important element as the staircase. Magnificent wooden structures in the Provence style are back in fashion today.

Society. The staircase plays a key role in creating the style of your home. The attention of welcome guests and random counterparts will always be riveted to her. The quality of workmanship and the design of the staircase structures characterize the owner of the house in the best possible way: thin, elegantly executed lines reveal him as a soft and pliable person, and wide openings and spacious railings reveal him as a cordial, kind-hearted person. In any case, the staircase should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable for all family members, including small children and elderly grandparents.

Modular stairs promise unlimited possibilities in terms of room modeling, because if desired, they can be moved to another more advantageous location. The wealth of colors, shapes and varieties allows you to order a wooden staircase for any interior – be it a sweet and romantic Provence or laconic minimalism. The types of wooden staircases are also pleasingly varied: spiral, with and without landings, straight and with a turn – in a word, there is plenty of imagination! An increasing number of people are carefully looking at the shape of stair railings, which will serve as reliable support for elderly family members or small children. It is already difficult for the former to move without some kind of help, while the latter are just taking their first steps and are not yet quite firmly on their feet.

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Modern wooden stairs are protected from all kinds of damage by reliable coatings made of epoxy and acrylic resins. Such impregnations do not disintegrate, and therefore do not pose any harm to the health of the inhabitants of the house and the environment.