We are renovating the bathroom

We are renovating the bathroom

Many people mistakenly believe that bathroom renovation is the final stage of renovation, not difficult, and therefore not so important. Meanwhile, the bathroom is one of the few places where a person can truly relax.

Bathroom renovation is a large-scale task that requires a step-by-step solution. You should start by determining what you want the bathroom to look like after renovation and what materials you plan to use. It is best to try to draw at least a rough plan, preferably with calculations. When calculating, you should take slightly increased parameters, with a margin. This will allow you to avoid annoying mistakes, due to which you may have to redo everything.

It is important to immediately decide whether the bathroom will have a toilet or without it. On the one hand, placing a toilet in the bathroom will free up additional space. On the other hand, combining a bathroom and a bath will inevitably entail many inconveniences. Since the size of the bathroom is usually not too large, you will have to choose.

Once you have designed the look of your updated bathroom, have a clear idea of ​​what it will look like, what will be placed in it, you can start purchasing materials. For this purpose, you can turn to professionals: competent calculation of costs and selection of materials will be guaranteed to you. In any case, you need to buy a little more than required. You never know.

When choosing materials, pay attention to how they will combine with each other. How will they be combined with the appliances and furniture that you place in the bathroom. The bathroom should be arranged so that it is convenient to wash, wash things, etc. Select shelves for towels, shampoos, toothbrushes, etc.

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It is better to install two or three mixers, not one. If one fails, you can use the other. Agree, very practical.