Building a summer house with your own hands: common mistakes

Building a summer house with your own hands: common mistakes

The easiest way to build the country house of your dreams is to order the construction of turnkey country houses . For those who are not looking for easy ways, we will describe the main mistakes when building a house.


The foundation is the basis of the future dacha. If you make mistakes when building a foundation, you risk the longevity and safety of your home.

  • Incorrect excavation depth. The last couple of tens of centimeters of the hole should be dug with a shovel. If you, carried away by the process, made the pit deeper and are trying to correct the defect by filling the hole with sand or soil, then in the future your house may be washed away by groundwater, which will lead to the appearance of cracks. Without digging a pit to the required depth, the foundation will be built above the frost line. As a result, with each winter the dacha will become more and more deformed.
  • Postponement of foundation construction. Having dug a hole, you should not delay subsequent work in order to prevent the soil from crumbling and water from entering the pit. You cannot build a reliable dacha on unstable soil.
  • Waterproofing is a must have for durable construction. Lack of insulation will cause the foundation to absorb excess moisture from the soil. In winter, this moisture will turn into ice. Frozen water tends to expand, and then your solid foundation will invariably crack.


What could be more cozy than a wooden cottage? But houses made of timber are not so easy to build on your own in a technologically correct manner. The most common mistakes in timber construction:

  • Poor quality material. Inexperienced builders cannot always determine the reliability and durability of a material by its appearance. Contact only those companies that have proven themselves or consult with professional developers about which company is best to contact for timber.
  • Lack of processing of the log house. Don’t be afraid to saturate the wood with chemicals. This way you will protect your dacha from damage by fungus and insects.
  • Waterproofing. Poor quality waterproofing between the foundation and walls can lead to rotting of the foundation of the house.
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It would seem that there is nothing faster and easier than building a frame house. However, even here you may encounter mistakes when building a house.

  • Insufficient gain. Vertical posts do not resist lateral loads well, so they need to be strengthened with additional spacers, sheathing made of boards, and plywood sheathing.
  • No cladding. Do not neglect the sheathing using cut boards or OSB boards , otherwise the dacha will come out cold.
  • Installing roof windows is a very important moment. One of the most important tools in this matter is the level. Before each next step when installing windows, it is necessary to check the vertical and horizontal deviation. This figure should not exceed 1.5 mm per meter.


The comfort of staying at the dacha largely depends on the quality of roof construction. Therefore, it is worth approaching this stage of construction with all responsibility.

  • The choice of thermal insulation. Improper roof insulation threatens the formation of so-called “cold bridges”. Carry out an accurate calculation of the thickness of the insulation and enjoy cozy winter evenings at your favorite dacha.
  • Installation of bitumen shingles is also a fairly common source of errors during construction. An improperly installed first row of shingles often leads to leaks. To avoid this, make sure that the joints in the starting row do not coincide with the joints in the first row.
  • Incorrect drainage organization. An excessive number of parapets and attics, narrow eaves with a low slope, and places not provided for drainpipes can lead to the facade of the house being damaged by flowing water.
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Carefully consider all possible violations of construction technology so that your dacha will serve you for many years.